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July 17, 2008 · Filed Under This & That 

we had a question in the comments section, that needs to be up here, where everyone can see it…

“Now, I have a question for the parent zone, my son is leaving in 20 days for Okinawa and is a bachelor and I would like to know how many pounds he is allowed to send over there. I know it is different then my daughter and son that are married which get to send a ridiculous amount but my son didn’t get the amount in his briefings this week. I was wondering if anyone had a quick answer for me so I could pack a bachelor kitchen. I guess it wasn’t in the briefings as he is the only one going oversees in his graduating class. So, thank you for any advice you can give me about this tropical island.
Can anyone help here?   Post your answers here, we’ll make sure Nanceoso gets them!



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