Deployment announcements and checklists.

Yesterday, we told my parents that my husband was deploying again.  I flashed back to when our son called from Germany to tell us that his unit was going to Iraq.  This was in 2003-2004, when we were still sending baby wipes because there weren’t any bases set up on Balad or Baghdad, no PX facilities, the mail took 3-4 weeks to get there!  I remember sliding onto the floor and weeping uncontrollably.  The call I made to his grandparents was one of the hardest things I had to do at that point and since my husband was on his way to Bosnia – well, it wasn’t the best few months of my life!

My husband, this time, went for the casual approach and it worked this time.  How have you told your family, that your child is deploying down range, or did you leave it up to the child?

The Checklist – We are starting to go through the deployment checklist – ours is from experience, but there are some good sites to visit if you need them.  One is at and this reservist list is a great place to start as well, as is this site called Hooah4health These all seem to be for spouses, so one of our tasks might be doing one for the Single Soldier.  If you have one, that you use or have used for your single soldier, please send it along.  But even if your soldier child is married, ask them if they want to send you a copy of the documents (on a disk or in a sealed envelope, privacy issues can be something a spouse might worry about) for you to keep in a safe place.  Having gone through a flooded basement and since we are in the midst of hurricane season, I know how easy it is to lose important papers and have been grateful for the “spare set” we sent to the folks!

As always – remember that you are not alone in this “adventure”, and if you need a shoulder, or have any questions, we are here, we understand and there are NO dumb questions.



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