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September 15, 2008 · Filed Under 5 questions, Military Parents, Parents News 

We know we didn’t win. But… we don’t know who did – although with the commanding lead I saw the last time I looked, I have a good idea. But I won’t say anything until they are announced at the MilBlog Expo in Las Vegas this coming weekend. But CONGRATULATIONS! (you know who you are!)

Speaking of the MilBlog Expo – I have been incredibly honored (and scared) to have been invited to be a panelist! I’ll be on a panel talking about the following:

MilBlogging as a Community. A fascinating look at how deep and wide the reach of the Milblogging community has become. Through Milblogging, many programs providing comfort, support, aid and tangible benefits to the military community have been conceived, proving that Milblogging is about more than just writing. We’ll explore how milblogging gives a voice to supporters, parents and spouses of service members, and how that voice is effectively used to support an entire military community.

So – please please, even if you have never commented before, let me know what you want me to tell everyone. As you can see, there is a lot going on that day – I want to make sure that the Parents of Service members are heard! (click on the underlined to see all about Milblogging Expo). If you are going to be there – please say hi.

I’m excited, and I’ll be frank (it’s just us here, right?) I’m a bit intimidated by the thought of representing YOU, the Parents. As a Parent of an Iraq Vet, and In-Law of another Iraq Vet, I do know from experience and my own journey through this, how you feel, what you want, what you need to ask – but it sure would be great if I could get your input. I am taking the information from the 10 questions we asked a couple of posts ago, so if you have a few minutes, fill out the survey.


p.s. I just looked at this and realized – not everyone knows what MilBlogging is! It’s just Military Blogging, from service members, spouses, parents, supporters, veterans – anyone who has a connection of any kind to the OnePercent of the Nation who are members of this military family.


2 Responses to “Milbloggies and MilBlog Vegas Expo”

  1. Mark on September 16th, 2008 12:13 pm


    Congrats on being a panelist.

    What milblogging has done for parents is connect them. We are One Percenters but we don’t know who else is. In my neighborhood, there is at least one other family with a soldier deployed. Because we don’t live near a post, we are not part of the larger military community. For the most part, we are alone…except for the Internet.

  2. AirmanMom on September 16th, 2008 1:32 pm

    Mark’s words are similar to my thoughts. I live in a small town, the internet offers a chance to reach so many other families, walking my walk. With gas prices so high, it would be impossible for me to meet all I would like, in real life. Milblogging offers an opportunity to share, to support, to know the prayers whcih must be lifted. Perhaps, next year I will attend the conference.

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog…

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