New Look (again)

September 17, 2008 · Filed Under This & That 

So – how do you like it? the Logo, I mean!   up there  on the left… Let us know.



2 Responses to “New Look (again)”

  1. TechMama on September 17th, 2008 1:57 am

    I love it but I’m a bit biased : )

  2. nanceoso on September 25th, 2008 6:56 am

    love it as I just figured out today how to see it. I had no idea. All this time I have been opening the e mail that comes and read each one but never see how to respond or comment or anything. Today Sept 25th I learned after your e mail asking about looking in the left hand corner for the look when all I get is writing. lol, Now I see there is a lot more to the blog. So much for my skills. Thank you for it, it is very nice looking and for all the work you have done. I have a son and his fiancee in the Air Force and he is in Okinawa for 3 years and I have my son in law in the Air Force in Korea and my daughter his wife is here till November until he comes and takes her who is here at home, to Misawa Japan for 3 years, so actually the Air Force will have all 4 of my kids, as my in law kids are my kids for me also, in Japan. But for the past year my son was a single soldier and it was frustrating to spend 2 weeks at a hotel and be treated as a nobody where I see how my daughter gets treated as a spouse is so different and I said one day at the gate, I want a badge too, like my daughter has so I can go see my son on base also and got the same reply, “Your just some soldiers mom,” and I said, “Some soldiers mom,” I said, do you know that all those single kids there can’t wait for us to fly in and take them out for the weekend to the hotel swimming and out to eat and to the movies, I’m 10 soldiers mom on that weekend and my husband too. So thank you again for this website, it is hard to hear that kind of care especially when you know that we get them back after they have been damaged and hurt and get to deal with the system then. I make sure they are signed up properly for everything and make sure there friends are also. 80% didn’t even have disability insurance, so no wonder they don’t want moms involved reading the fine print. So with 4 to look after, well 3 for sure are mine to look after as my son in law is without parents, but my daughter in law is from a military brat, father was a retired career man Air Force so she is a big help also. But is new to the family, so still learning about us but fast. I would like to know why it can’t be easier for us the parents to get on base when we do make these long trips and overseas trips to get on and off base like the wife’s. That was my biggest problem was having to bother my son to get out of his job to come and sign us in all the time and some days if he didn’t get there in time and the office was closed we couldn’t get on base without him driving us on, and if I have flown overseas for a month to stay with him then I think they could just give us a pass like the wifes have. It’s ridiculous.

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