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October 10, 2008 · Filed Under Military News, Military Parents, Note from Admin 

As promised,  here is the audio player for the interview we did on SpouseBuzz Radio with Ruthie (airforcewife) . Click the little white arrow to hear the audio.

If you have any problems, you can also listen to the audio by clicking this link:


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  1. Joyce Williamson on October 10th, 2008 2:22 pm

    Thank you for the wonderful session. I learned a lot. Here are my questions and comments:

    1. What is the FRG when your soldier is going from training school to training school, for example, BOLC I to BOLC II to Chemical Corps. Some of these are six weeks, some are thirteen. The websites at each post help somewhat with packing lists, but sometimes your soldier only has a few days travel time between and needs to travel home to re-pack, and pick up winter clothing, for example. And getting the remimbursement for moving himself, gas, etc, is tricky and has to be done at that place or he/she loses it.

    2. We had not a clue when graduation ceremonies occured, or even whether we could attend, and what vehicle paperwork we would need to get on the base/fort. We nagged our soldier to ask someone who had been through the school already to know what to expect, and help us out.

    3. Remind your soldier that each soldier has a momma and that they may not know the acronymns. Encourage parents to watch the Pentagon channel, which can be accessed even online, and read the websites Stars and Stripes.

    4. Know, if something bad happens, you have options about the press at funerals. They can be blocked completely, or given visual access only, or limited with audio/visual.

    5. With my Air Force son, he has a wife, so they figured things out together. I SO appreciated all the comments about mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. I only had sons, so I have been super nervous about having a daughter-in-law and being a good mother-in-law.

    6. With my Army son, he is single, and so we have helped with truck registration, license plate renewals, how to cook, expiration dates on meat, laundry tips, and figuring out what all he needs to bring for “furnished” housing.

    7. We have been slow to figure out that our soldiers may have a three or four day pass with Federal Holidays, but needs to submit milage passes, and made plans for visits. Ask your soldier, if he/she has a three or four day holiday coming up and if it is convenient to visit. Most posts have wonderful museums, and places to see.

    8. As parents, we get to email out his new address at each new post/base.

    9. It has been great to be that place to check in and ask about his day with our soldier’s unlimited cell phone minutes. Our single soldier calls maybe every other day for 5-10 minutes. With the married son, we are grateful for a call once a week.

    10. I’ll never forget driving to a baby shower in East Texas, and with terrible cell coverage, my Air Force son drops the news that he has funeral duty, and learning that he was doing a funeral every day, seven days a week. And while this is an honor, to think that my “baby” was handing the flag to a grieving mom or widow–whoa. All of a sudden, the funeral duty detail folks have moms, too. And the questions flood my mind: did they have enough water and gatoraide for those hot days, and did they have the funds for the special uniform required?? And I learned that this duty requires long days, and travel to other states, and the wife and grandbaby are enduring these long days and no weekends, too. And I learned how wonderful most towns and cities are to the funeral details.

    11. Attend commissionings. As you walk through the line to congratulate the new soldiers–remind them to call their momma once a week.

    12. I am so thankful to email, and blogs to stay connected. Thanks again for a wonderful session. I like the idea Ruthie came up with about deployment contracts.

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