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The link to the blog of an Israeli soldier’s mother from Brat reminded me that we parents of soldiers (and sailors, marines, air force, coast guard) share the universal love and admiration — and WORRY — we have for our children when they are deployed. It is a universal feeling among parents who value and cherish the lives of their children… in the parents who know the hope of the world is in the LIVES of their children and not in their deaths.

Yes, it is hard to be a soldier’s mom while the world is at war. I have written any number of posts on that topic over the past few years… about the worry that pervades night and day… 24 hours a day, every day that they are in harm’s way. How hard it is to be HERE when they are THERE… how hard it is to be a soldier’s mom…

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And, sadly, like many of us who blog about our soldiers, we are subjected to the most horrible comments from the ignorant, the vile and the despicable. This Israeli mother is no different. I left her a comment telling her that she is one of us — the mothers of soldiers who serve even though we did not enlist. I reminded her that we mothers — that we parents and the families of those who serve pray every day for peace… we pray for peace everywhere. So run on by A Soldier’s Mom and offer her encouragement… give her a virtual {{{HUG}}} and let her know she is not alone.


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  1. Sheila Quillia on January 10th, 2009 4:27 pm

    I too am a soldier mom. It is the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. I son is in Iraq right now and it is his frist tour. It is very hard to think of much else then my son. But I try and go on with my everyday chores. He is alway’s in my thoughts. I can be doing something and then there he is. I have good day’s and bad ones. What is realy hard for me is when day’s go by and there is no word from him. Then I get that email or phone call from him and I can breathe again. There is no other feeling that you have during this time. You alway’s know that you will protect your childeren. And be there for them. It is our job. But then there is nothing that you can do for them no matter how much you want to help them. Support them and let them know your there and that you love them. But the worry never goes away til they are home. So we keep praying for thier safe return. And that there will be peace very soon so they are can come home were they belong. God Bless to all you moms’ that are going throught his time. It isn’t an easy one.

  2. Some Soldier's Mom on January 10th, 2009 5:08 pm

    yes… we all are right there with you:

    It’s a constant 24 hour a day worry that wears on you, grates on you, weighs on you. It’s physically and mentally exhausting. I don’t always realize it but sometimes I wonder why I’m so tired some nights or why I can’t sleep most nights… It’s the worry. The wear and tear of it. It’s like the drone of a motor always on or the hum from fluorescent lights… always there… always present… even when you’re doing other things or thinking other thoughts… it’s THERE. The worry is always there. I know other moms and dads and wives and husbands and sisters and brothers will understand what I mean.

  3. Regina Sunderland on February 2nd, 2009 1:35 am

    My Daughter just joined the Airforce January 13th 2009. Right now she is not even 18 Years old, that will happen during her Basic Training. I know my child is not as far advanced as yours and still fairly save here in the Basic Training Camps, but for her it is the first time away from her family. This Blog is my encouragement to her from the beginning on, and I hope that I will find a lot of fellow Military Mom’s with kids in any of the united forces how are standing behind their babies. I know they are all grown up, but to us they are still our little ones we gave birth too. So as for me…I am a Proud Airforce Mom on Duty – Sending love 24/7

  4. Martha Gordy on March 20th, 2009 8:13 pm

    I just found out that my son is being deployed to Afghanistan in 3 weeks. I knew it was coming but I still am not prepared. I am a very proud Army mom but I don’t know how I will get through this. My son is 19. Please pray for him and his mom. Thanks!!

  5. Karen on April 25th, 2009 10:13 pm

    Hi Martha, I’m catching up since I just jumped in recently)… how are you doing? Afghanistan was my son’s first deployment too, he’s currently in Iraq (3rd tour there). I wish I could say it gets easier with each tour but it doesn’t work that way, each tour is different. I run a group similar to this one just for 3rd BCT, 82nd ABN families, prior I was one of several moderators for a group/support for the 82nd Airborne (which I’m still a member of). I keep all our sons and daughters (and all our service men/women in my prayers. Do not hesitate to contact me whether on the board or privately .. if you have a question. There are many positive things you can do during the deployment… stay strong…for them!
    Proud Army Airborne mom

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