Beyond Tribute – Memorial Day

beyond-tributeI went to  the launch for Beyond Tribute yesterday, and with the Memorial Day weekend coming up, wanted to make sure all our  readers (those loyal few) get the word!

Beyond Tribute is  – to quote one of the founders – not a charity, not an organization, it’s an idea!  The idea is to make the holidays that should be devoted to veterans and those who gave their lives,  mean more again.  To those in America who don’t know anyone in the military –  and we all know how many that description fits – right now Memorial Day is the day for a good sale – and none of us will turn down a good sale!  But wouldn’t it be even better if the business doing that great sale on purses (that’s for Pam Eggleston the purse maven, the milspouse who spoke at the launch about her life with Charles, her husband and wounded warrior) was going to contribute part of the profits from that sale to programs for vets?  General Wesley Clark said at the launch that we need to transform Memorial Day and Veterans Day back into a holiday of more meaning.  The President of Gold Star Mothers spoke very movingly at the launch as well.  We cannot allow this day to be only the day the pool opens, the day for a great bargain on a dress..  We must remember, we must make everyone else remember too!

So – if you haven’t taken the pledge yet – go over and do it. Then send the link to the businesses you use – big and small.  Send the link to your family, send the link to your friends and co-workers. Let’s put the memories back into Memorial Day, and by Veteran’s Day – make the rest of the country remember the veterans.



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  1. One Army Mama Bear on May 27th, 2009 11:11 am

    I will do this now. You’re absolutely right! Memorial Day means something entirely different to all of us with loved ones who are serving, have served, and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. We owe it to our Veterans to re-claim these days.

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