How can she help Military Parents?

Parents – I received an email from an employee at a Best Buy store.. and I was so impressed with her desire to help the parents of serving military. What would YOU want to tell her? Can we get her the information she needs? can we help her, help more like us? I’ve already sent her the Blue Star Mothers site – but there has to be more we can do!


My name is Sabrina and I’ve been put in charge of the military initiatives here at my Best Buy Store . I saw your site and was very curious. You see in my store, and I’m sure many others, we have quite a few employees who are either returning from deployments, returning from TBS/OCS, or are looking into joining the military. Although our store is situated near a military recruiting office, I don’t believe that there’s enough information for the parents, siblings, or children of those that are in, or seeking to go into, the military.

As we also have a volunteer mentoring program here at our store, and as part of our corporate community relations initiatives; I was wondering what assistance our military employees could be to the parents of someone looking to join the military and to the children of military parents.

With the Military recruiting offices being so close to so many locations of BBY stores, quite a few of the younger employees who have considered a military career go over and ask for information or talk with recruiters. While this helps them, I don’t believe it provides enough information to their parents and/or siblings who need to understand what their children/siblings/family member will be going into. So many of what I overhear from the ones with concerns are questions like: Is my child going off to die? How will TBS/OCS change who they are? Will I know my child when they come home from training/deployment?

I’d like to be able to offer the concerned parents/family members some kind of resource or forum that they can go to attain the answers they need. Someplace where they can talk to other parents with the same concerns, and others who have been through this and know what is the best way they can be concerned while still being supportive of their loved ones decision. Most parents worry about their children going off to college, but when that child wants to discuss joining the military it becomes a whole new ball game. I’d like to be able to offer what support and resources I can.


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  1. Cindy on June 15th, 2009 10:38 am

    Spread the word about GAP (go army alot of people, not just parents, go there for information.
    They can join the forum and participate in answering questions.

  2. Mamaw on June 15th, 2009 3:32 pm

    There are numerous places to find support groups: is one on-line community that is great for this, they also have live chat every week for this specific subject. Put the families in touch with you local Blue Star Mom chapter, they are there to assist, educate and support.

  3. Kim on July 15th, 2009 8:08 pm

    I’d like to suggest that parents register with a free website called My son is in Basic Training for the Air Force right now…he graduates on August 21st. I had not where to turn and desperatly needed support. I felt so alone and really had a hard time dealing with it. I went on this website and searched for Air Force Moms and found a great network of women who either have gone through the same thing, are currently going through it with me or will be going through it later this year. Many have helped me and I have been able to help others whose sons have not yet left. It is a terrific resource and I have made some lifelong friends at the same time.

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