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July 14, 2009 · Filed Under This & That 


I love coupons, cutting them out and trying to figure out if I’m going to ever use it before it expires.. or putting them into the envelope for the son/DIL [do they still need the diaper one? is the new puppy eating this food?]…  Then there’s the pile  of  we-don’t-use-this or I-don’t-eat-this…. and for some reason, I HATE throwing them out.  Maybe the penny pinching bit of my brain that I inherited from my grandmother is popping up!

Our own TechMama  reminded me of what I used to do with those old ones. She posted about sending coupons, including expired ones, overseas to military families.  The commissaries overseas will accept expired coupons!  So think about it, next Sunday when you are cutting out  those few you use, start an envelope for the overseas families.   Go through your envelope for the ones that you didn’t use before they expired and put those in.  Every penny helps, and for a lot of those families, the spouse hasn’t been able to find a job to supplement the family income (which they may have had here in CONUS).

Here are some articles and sites who will send coupons.  There are church groups who collect, military spouse groups, offices and book clubs and online groups.
Overseas Coupon Project

Article about Coupons

Coupons to Troops

Start Cutting!



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