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For those of us who have children who are vets, wounded and in need of a job – there’s a new site.   I looked and there are a lot of job postings.   If your child has used this site, please let us know in the comments, let us know if it is a useful site.

Web Site Features Jobs for Disabled Veterans

By Sharon Foster
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, July 15, 2009 – With more than 3,000 job openings, the creators of a new Web portal are hoping to attract disabled veterans seeking employment.

“Our current project is to spread the word that we are here,” said Diana Corso, executive director of disABLEDperson Inc., a nonprofit group aiming to reduce the unemployment rate of disabled veterans.

“We launched a couple of months ago,” she said. “We have jobs on the site, but not that many resumes. We are hoping to attract many more applicants. These positions are from employers across the U.S.”

DisABLEDperson.Inc. hosts the nationally based online job board called Job Opportunities for Disabled American Veterans. The site is free for disabled veterans to post their resumes and employers to post their jobs.

“We are trying to make it as easy as possible for [disabled veterans] and employers to come together,” Corso said. “All positions are paid openings, some carrying benefits.”
To post a resume, job seekers must first fill out an online registration. The resume will post on for three months. After three months, job seekers are given the option to repost their resume, to modify it or to leave it inactive.

Corso encourages job seekers not just to wait for employers to find them, but to browse through job openings that companies already have posted.

Current job openings on the Web site include accounting, administration and clerical, business development, information technology, research, restaurant and food service, science, collections, public relations and security. Other than job titles, postings specify geographic location, job category, career level, salary level and job description.

“This Web site has attracted employers that are proactively seeking to hire disabled American veterans,” Corso said. “My desire is to find a way to get the word out about these openings to generate more disabled job seekers to fill the slots.”

How can she help Military Parents?

Parents – I received an email from an employee at a Best Buy store.. and I was so impressed with her desire to help the parents of serving military. What would YOU want to tell her? Can we get her the information she needs? can we help her, help more like us? I’ve already sent her the Blue Star Mothers site – but there has to be more we can do!


My name is Sabrina and I’ve been put in charge of the military initiatives here at my Best Buy Store . I saw your site and was very curious. You see in my store, and I’m sure many others, we have quite a few employees who are either returning from deployments, returning from TBS/OCS, or are looking into joining the military. Although our store is situated near a military recruiting office, I don’t believe that there’s enough information for the parents, siblings, or children of those that are in, or seeking to go into, the military.

As we also have a volunteer mentoring program here at our store, and as part of our corporate community relations initiatives; I was wondering what assistance our military employees could be to the parents of someone looking to join the military and to the children of military parents.

With the Military recruiting offices being so close to so many locations of BBY stores, quite a few of the younger employees who have considered a military career go over and ask for information or talk with recruiters. While this helps them, I don’t believe it provides enough information to their parents and/or siblings who need to understand what their children/siblings/family member will be going into. So many of what I overhear from the ones with concerns are questions like: Is my child going off to die? How will TBS/OCS change who they are? Will I know my child when they come home from training/deployment?

I’d like to be able to offer the concerned parents/family members some kind of resource or forum that they can go to attain the answers they need. Someplace where they can talk to other parents with the same concerns, and others who have been through this and know what is the best way they can be concerned while still being supportive of their loved ones decision. Most parents worry about their children going off to college, but when that child wants to discuss joining the military it becomes a whole new ball game. I’d like to be able to offer what support and resources I can.

Radio Show – Parents Zone going to be interviewed

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We are going to be on Army Wife Talk Radio! Tammy and LAW are going to talk about ParentsZone,  why we started it and the needs of the Parents of Service Members who are presently serving.  Please call in, listen and ask questions. We are being interviewed on MONDAY, June 1.  The show starts at 8 pm Eastern time.

Here’s the link

Army Wife Talk Radio is a great interview show, and you can chat online at the same time.   Army Wife Network is a fun and informative  site for Army Spouses – so if your family members don’t already know about it,  send them the link.

Talk to you there.


Sending Music – Operation Happy Note

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Chief emailed me today and  alerted me to this group. Now he loves music – plays guitar, is trying to learn the bagpipes (oh, the dog LOVED that one… howled in a descant!) and the mandolin, plays harmonica… and when he saw Operation Happy Note, he was intrigued. Then he saw – they are from Fergus Falls Minnesota, so there’s a “home state” connection for us.

The Baker’s, from Fergus Falls MN sent their son and a friend of his guitars when they were deployed in 2005.  Since then, they set up Operation Happy Note, and have been sending all kinds of instruments, guitars, violins, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas to deployed troops.  They have help from manufacturers, but the shipping costs – are up to OHN and can be quite high (as you and I know from sending our care packages!) It’s hard to know that there are instruments waiting to be sent to someone who could use that escape that can be found in making music, because of postage!

If you are feeling in the giving mood – think about Operation Happy Note

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