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Ladies and Gentlemen – it is a great honour to introduce another new author – ProudMom3!  She has – big surprise- 3 children.  One is presently serving as a Marine and was here in DC at the Marine Barracks – marched in many ceremonial events and is now awaiting orders for either an IA or MEU – Mom is waiting (sounds familiar!)   Her daughter was an Army MP – during 9/11,  and we are looking forward to her input on how that felt.  Her third child is a civilian and about to become a dad.  PM3 has 2 grandchildren already.  She lives in the desert Southwest, who just built a house and is busy moving in and decorating.

We are proud to have her on board – please welcome our Marine/Army mom!


A new author – One Army Mama Bear

Ladies and Gentlemen of ParentsZone – it’s my great pleasure to introduce a new author to our site – One Army Mama Bear (we’ll call her 1AMama Bear for short) 1AMama Bear is the mother of 4 (3 boys, 1 girl), grandma of 2. Her grandson was born in May and is 9 months old, crawling and getting into everything. His cousin came from China in the same month, as a wonderful 9 month old – and 1AMama Bear is taking a year leave of absence from her job as a media assistant in a public high school to be nannie and indulgent nanna!

Her youngest son – let’s call him Max- joined the Army in September 2006, and got married right out of Basic. They are stationed at Ft. Hood, and Max is deployed right now. According to 1AMama Bear.

“This is our first deployment … it is what I expected and it isn’t what I expected. I joined a Military Family Support Group nearby so that I could support Max and his wife – had no idea how much that group was going to support ME. Maxine has been wonderful sharing information with me. This would be much harder if things were different. I’ve encouraged Max to use his limited telephone time to stay in touch with his wife. Of course we want phone calls,  but MORE I want his marriage to survive and not just survive – I want it to THRIVE.

I never liked the in-law thing … so I call my girls,  my daughters-in-love because they came to our family through love rather than birth. It’s how I feel about all three of them. My daughter is blessed now to have three sisters in addition to her three brothers.”

Please join me in welcoming One Army Mama Bear to the PZ family. Her first column will be on tomorrow.

What a week – and the Future Plans

As you have (hopefully) been reading, it’s been a week to remember. PZ was honoured to be a conduit for the news of Spc Hunter Levine, and he has been getting a lot of love, a lot of “stuff” and it has also spilled over from him to the others in the hospital, with a visit from Gary Sinise (link takes you to HH6’s report of the visit)  and also the beginning of a new service members related “list” – called HASMO which is a FREE service trying to connect service members with a need, to all those people out here who want to fill it.  Again, this is Free – no charge to anyone signing up either to give or to request.  We’ll have a link to HASMO on this page soon.

ParentsZone will now return to our regular programming – with a few differences! We have a new mom ready to post, and as you have seen on the side (left side) we are slowly doing some more construction here.  When the dust settles, we hope to have a site that is useful, handy and what YOU the families need.

In that vein – we’d like to ask for your help in the construction.  If you have a site that has helped you cope, that answered a questions, filled a need or just helped you figure out how to negotiate this life as a military mom, dad, brother, sister… we’d like to know about it.  ONE CAVEAT – it has to be free.  No “registration” fees, no “administration” fees.   If it’s political/religious/sponsored – we’ll link to it, but remember, we don’t endorse anything.  We just provide the link.  So please, if you have such a site, and don’t want to comment on this site, just email LAW at parentszone at

As the signs say “pardon our dust while we make it better for you”.   We’ll keep adding new posts while we build – so you can ignore the dust!


Update on PFC Levine – 10/24

It’s been an intense, crazy-busy couple of days around here but in a good way! We are so proud of our readers for jumping into action when it counted! Your cards, letters of encouragement,etc are definitely doing the trick and lifting Hunter’s spirits.!

We are extra proud of our PZ Tech Mama – Tammy for jumping in and helping out the point of contact for this endeavor! She responded to  all the emails and phone calls to make sure that Hunter got letters of encourgment, cards,etc. and that the right information was being sent out! Tammy will continue to be working on this directly with Hunter, his Foundation, Hearts for Hunter as well as Blake Meaux, long time freind of Hunter and foundation executor. So,  check out her blog for more information about that.

The biggest HAT TIP goes to 1SG Brian Disque! Brian made sure that one of his soldiers got the help and support that he needed by letting the blogosphere know about Hunter. Brian certainly is a shining example of what a 1SG should be!

My job is people — Every One is My Business.
I dedicate my time and energy to their needs;
their health, morale, discipline, and welfare.
I grow in strength by strengthening my people.
My job is done in faith; my people build faith.
My job is people –EVERY ONE IS MY BUSINESS.

– US Army First Sergeant (1SG) Creed

We also want to acknowledge the sites that first posted about Hunter : The Veterans Voice & Email Our Military for first publishing 1SG Levine’s story.

Kudos to Matt at BlackFive, Milblogs, Michelle Malkin, Some Soldiers Mom, Liberal Army Wife, Army Household6, Mark, Calistalee , Jihad Gene,, and Greyhawk and many many more! Also a big thank you to everyone who emailed others to let them know about it!  You guys picked up  Hunter’s story as ran with it!  We’re so proud to be part of this awesome blogging community!

Hunter’s friend Blake are working on the details for Hunter’s Foundation,  Hearts for Hunter. The website currently is under construction but  will be up & ready to go by Monday October 27th.

Also, Tammy recently started a list called HASMO (Help a Service Member Out). It is an email list comprised of Rapid Response Team Members to be able to help out soldiers like Hunter and many others. It will also be available to help out service member’s immediate families as well. You can sign up for it on Tammy’s site and its a free service!

So, thanks again and now back to our regular programming.. :)

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