Sorrow for our PZ Family

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ProudMom3 lost a grandchild this week. Please keep her, and her family, in your thoughts and prayers.  Julie – we all send our condolences and love.


Mourning a fallen warrior, blogger, writer, son

war_mothers_goldstar has the story of a young man who was killed in action in Afghanistan last week.  Sgt Christopher Abeyta – who also wrote a blog. In this story, I was so moved by Sgt. Abeyta’s mother’s actions:

“While deployed, he wrote entries in his ever-present journal, stories on two blogs and letters to his family. His mother held tightly Tuesday to one from November, which she read aloud on her back patio, demanding that his grandmother, Elvira Abeyta, and local veterans gathered around her know the man she raised.

“I know you don’t enjoy the path I have chosen for myself but trust me it’s so very rewarding,” she read. “You know I know it bothers you that I am here. … but what kind of person would I be, Ma, if I didn’t try to make this better.

“OK?” she said at the end. “That’s my son.”
A son who will be loved and missed, a son to be so proud of. This Gold Star Mom will be in my thoughts every day.


Call to Action : Marine Lance CPL Preach

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 I received this story from Jessica in San Antonio, TX. Let’s show Kevin how much his country honors his service and sacrifice.

Ten days ago, on Jan. 24, the Humvee in which Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin Preach (age 21) was a gunner was hit by an improvised explosive device and he was badly injured. He was transported to a medical site in Germany for surgery. He was stabilized and transferred to Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, where he remains in a medically induced coma. “He is very seriously injured,” his mother said from the Texas medical complex. “He’s lost his legs. He’s lost a hand. He’s seriously burned. He’s very burned. It’s not even day-to-day, it’s really hour-to-hour.”

Kevin cannot receive anything inside his sterile room, but his mom will read him cards and letters that are mailed to him. Cards and letters can be sent to: Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin T. Preach, 3857 Roger Brook Drive, Room 4 South, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234.

If you would like to help Kevin in other ways, let me know or go sign up to be a team member at Help A ServiceMember


Staff Sgt. Atkins receives the Distinguished Service Cross

ssgatkins On  Nov. 7 2008, Brig. Gen. Michael Harrison presented the Distinguished Service Cross to the family of Staff Sgt. Travis Atkins, squad leader, 2-14  Infantry Regiment, 2 Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division; awarded posthumously for his actions June 1, 2007 in Abu Sarnak, Iraq.

 Staff Sgt. Atkins and his squad were part of the search for two other 10th  Mountain Division Soldiers – Spc. Alex Jimenez and Private 1st Class Byron Fouty — who were captured in an earlier attack south of Baghdad.  Staff Sgt. Atkins spotted four men approaching his vehicle and directed three of his Soldiers to stop and search them.  When one broke from the group to escape, Staff Sgt. Atkins pursued and tackled him to the ground.  A bitter fight ensued, during which Staff Sgt. Atkins realized the insurgent was struggling to detonate the suicide vest strapped to his chest.  He managed to pin the insurgent to the ground, shielding the three other Soldiers as the vest detonated.

 Staff Sgt. Atkins’ family requested to receive his award at Fort Drum, among the Soldiers with whom he served, and that Brig Gen. Harrison, who had rendered honors at the funeral, present it.

 For his gallantry in action, Staff Sgt. Travis Atkins is this week’s Warrior-Soldier.

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