Alameda Blue Star Mom – Mamaw!

Our very own Mamaw has busted some butt here folks – Here is her new site.  This took work, dedication, love and passion.  (to get the link, please click on the title to open this post, it will then show the link)

For those of you in her area – you have a treasure.  For all of us in the rest of the country, I’m hoping this will motivate you to join Blue Star Moms (Dads are welcome too! and so is the rest of the family)

Congratulations, Mamaw!


A Military Family needs help

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For those of you who don’t listen to or read National Public Radio – this you NEED to read.  One of us, the mother of a soldier, needed help and got it because of the good work on USA Together .  Help us spread the word.   This will also be on HASMO, and I’m hoping we can get this sent through our community.

USA Together is a website that puts veterans in need together with those that can help. I wish, and I think we all wish, that it wasn’t necessary.  But it is… and for now, this is the best way we can help.


Scrooge strikes a Soldier’s Angel

Hat/tip to Mamaw – who sent me this.   This just makes me so ANGRY! PZ readers – let’s get on this – we did a great job with PFC Levine – Soldier’s Angels is one of the best groups/supporters of the military that I know.   I’m a very proud Angel myself, as is Mamaw, Tech Mama, SemperFiWife, Some Soldier’s Mom and so many other friends. (click on the title of the post to open)

Blankets of Hope for the troops stolen: Please help!

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 5, 2008 09:08 AM
This story has me cursing in my coffee this morning: Linda Ferrara, a California mother of a soldier killed in Afghanistan with three other sons in the military, organizes charity blanket drives for the troops. She and other volunteers hand-sewed patriotic blankets and other items worth an estimated $8,000. Ferrara had stored them in her RV while preparing to send them off. Over the weekend, some asshole(s) (pardon my language) broke into the vehicle and stole all the goods.
The story is here at Soldier’s Angels and at the Daily Breeze.
After her son died fighting country, Linda Ferrara wanted to do something for soldiers like him who sacrifice their safety for others.
So in the year since Army Capt. Matthew Ferrara was killed in Afghanistan, his mother has dedicated hours collecting clothes and crafting handmade blankets for wounded soldiers overseas. The Torrance resident had planned to ship the goods Wednesday to an Army hospital in Germany. Instead, she’s despondent over the weekend theft of hundreds of socks, sweat shirts, pajama pants, boxers, blankets and other items. “I don’t want to let them down,” Ferrara said. “This wasn’t just stuff, this was going to wounded soldiers.”
…Soldiers’ Angels is an organization through which people can send care packages to soldiers overseas. In Germany, Phillips supports wounded and sick troops undergoing treatment at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.
Many of them are transferred there directly from the front lines and have nothing more than the clothes on their backs, Ferrara said.
Already involved with the West Point Parents Club of Orange County, Ferrara recruited support from other parents and volunteers to collect items for the wounded soldiers.
Her RV was packed with boxes, and the Parents Club had printed thank-you letters to the “wounded warriors” to be distributed with the clothes.. On Sunday morning, Ferrara first realized something was amiss when she found empty boxes outside the RV and her inventory lists on the ground. Inside, she discovered almost all the collected items missing. Also, some of the letters were torn to shreds.
Compton sheriff’s deputies took a report and fingerprints, she said.
Her insurance company has told her not to expect help. Because she planned to give the items away, they technically didn’t belong to her and aren’t covered by her policy.
You can help:
Anyone who is interested in donating items for wounded soldiers can email Linda Ferrara at or visit the West Point Parent Club of Orange County web site.
Ferrara says the organization can accept cash donations or brand new items because the Military hospital does not allow used goods.

While we rush around – Remember Rob Yllescas

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You all may remember that our own TechMama Tammy has started another site to help coordinate and organize those who want to contribute or help the wounded or those in need of assistance.  She has been following Dena Yllescas blog while her husband, Captain Rob Yllescas fought to recover from his very severe wounds.

Tammy called me from “on the road” in Colorado yesterday with the very sad news that Rob lost that final battle.  While we prepare for family and search for that perfect gift, please take a minute and remember this family, who are starting on a very long and hard journey.  Dena is a strong woman, of deep faith and love – and I hope it will help her to know that she has the love and support of all the readers of ParentsZone.


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