Deployment – Parent’s style

I was asked to post this – and it sure would be great to get OUR voices and experiences heard.  Dr. Crow has gone through deployments of her son to Iraq and her daughter in law to Afghanistan, so she understands.  But to help her tell our story, get the information about what deployments are like for the parents of these men and women – she needs our help.


Parents of Service Members who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan….

Your input is needed to understand the experience of a parent who has had (or currently has) a son or daughter deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. Parents are very much a part of the military family and yet very little is known about their experiences and how they support their deployed adult children. Dr. Janet Crow, an assistant professor of Child and Family Studies at Baylor University, is conducting a survey of parents of service members to add your perceptions to what we know about how military families cope with deployment. If you are interested in participating simply go to: You will find a complete explanation of the study and will be able to add your experiences by completing the anonymous online survey.


Please – go over and give her your input.  Thanks!