Seasons can’t change fast enough

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DESPERATELY!!! I want spring to come … winter to be over … because I want summer to come and my son to come home. BUT I’m also afraid for spring to come … that’s when the enemy comes over the mountains to renew their fight oppressing the poor of  their own country and attacking their defenders – our sons and daughters. The cowardly worms hide among civilians so that when they get hit, civilians get hurt, too. Spring is when the fighting kicks up a notch … and I’m afraid. I just want to jump OVER spring and go straight to summer … maybe go into hibernation like a bear … and wake up when it’s all over … in time to clean, cook and get ready to greet my son and his unit coming back from the other side of the ocean. But hibernating, hiding, sticking my head in the sand … that isn’t my style … I don’t do things that way … I don’t choose to go through life in an unconscious state (unless it’s surgery)… I charge out to meet it head on!!!

I attack everything with research … know my enemy … know my mission. For instance … Mission Pregnancy Max (he was baby #4) … I didn’t assume I knew it all … medicine changes it’s mind constantly … so-o-o all through my pregnancy with Max, I researched … decided on a different natural childbirth method (did Lamaze with #2 and #3) – decided on Bradley for Max’s birth – went to Bradley classes – ate healthy – did my pregnancy exercises – read and researched my all the way through this 4th pregnancy of mine … I wanted the best for Max – just like I wanted the best for each ONE of my four children. Max has always sung his own version of “My Way” (even before he was born). Max decided he preferred to be born feet first… airborne – all the way – jumping out feet first. Even then – no state of unconsciousness for me – I still wanted to BE there for Max’s birth and be AWAKE – didn’t want to miss anything – thanks to an epidural,  I was. So-o-o-o, how can I do deployment any other way? read, research, stay informed, and sometimes find out way too much … more than I needed to know … I just want this to be OVER! I want Max to be safe and come home – I want them all to be safe and come home. NOW!

I’ve warned my husband … deployment is bringing out a new side of me … a new me … a violent me??? maybe deploy the mamas and the papas with our sons and daughters … we’re plenty angry! I realize this resembles a tantrum … at 59 I’ve reverted to the behavior of a two year old. What is this???? someone please tell me !?!?

One Army Mama Bear

9/11 – We remember

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As we watched the 9/11 remembrances this morning, my parents and I talked about where we were when we saw/heard the reports.  I remember my phone at work ringing, my son and husband were both National Guard, and were checking in to let me know they hadn’t heard anything yet – about mobilization.  And we waited, and waited.   Neither of them was mobilized at that time, but we saw more and more young people signing up for the Guard after that day.   There were suddenly no planes flying over our house, the skies were quiet, except for the Air Guard.

To those of you who watched your sons and daughters sign up after that day – Thank You.


It’s not just moms, or dads, it’s brothers too!

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Sometimes we forget, that every member of the family is affected by the decision one makes to join the military. The Moms and Dads… we remember our baby, our child and are so proud, and apprehensive, and worried, and then more proud. The brothers and sisters… how do they feel? I, for one, have no siblings, and we only had the one child. I always wondered how the siblings feel. Now, I’ll be able to learn that too.

Two young men have decided to write a blog whilst their big brother is in Basic Training! The Brothers Blog is a celebration of brotherly love for the soldier they miss and look up to. Anyone else have a siblings blog? If you do, please send the link. We’d love to put it on our Roll.


Almost the weekend – what’s my soldier doing?

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I remember, while either of my soldiers was deployed, wondering what they were doing.  Like most of us, I used to look at my watch and figure out the time wherever they were.  At the time, I wasn’t blogging – while our son was in Baghdad I was only up to emailing, hadn’t discovered the blogosphere.   Anyway – I always wondered what he or his dad were doing (dad was in Bosnia).  Weekends were harder, I didn’t have work/school to think about – ok, so I was avoiding homework! – and I kept hoping for calls.

How about you?  How are you coping with wondering?  Let us know, Let other parents know any good coping mechanisms!


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