FRG – Family Readiness Group – is it for Parents?

September 10, 2008 · Filed Under Deployment, Military Parents, Parents News · 5 Comments 

I’d love to say – YES!  But sometimes it’s not.  First of all, FRG = Family Readiness Group.  These are designed to assist families, either when deployed, or at home.  They are usually designed for spouses but there have been many parents who are members of their servicemember’s FRG.

I’ve been asked what they do, and how they work.  The first and most important point – your servicemember has to get your name on the list!  Before you deploy – he or she MUST put the name of the person he wants to receive information on a list.  Without your soldier doing that – you will not get the information, you will not be allowed to get it either!  Privacy issues are paramount. You have to make sure your servicemember lists your name, phone number and addresses (both email and snail) with the FRG.  This is the ONLY way you will get actual information.

Once you are on that list – make sure the FRG leader (who is usually a volunteer or a group of volunteers) know that you want to be active, that you want to help. Personally, I never had any contact with my son’s FRG – and the FRG at my husband’s unit for his first deployment was horrendous – so we made our own group.  I hope you will be active in whatever group you join.

IF you are involved with the FRG of your son’s unit – please let us know how it’s working, how you became involved.