Did you SEE that – on the right

October 16, 2008 · Filed Under Military Parents, National Guard Parents, This & That · 2 Comments 

See?  There’s the Finalist  medal!  YEAH!!!  Now – let’s move forward.  We need your help.  YOUR HELP – yes YOU! The one reading this, the one who keeps thinking  ” you know, that story reminded me of…” or ” I wonder if this or that or whatever has ever happened to anyone else? ”
Well, if you are a blogger, if you want to share your happy times, the sad ones, the things you have learned, the joy, the frustrations, the lessons you learned and the ones you wished you had learned… We Want You.   If you want to join our happy band of (so far) sisters (yes, we need a Dad/Uncle/Grandpa)  email me at parentszone at g mail dot com.  We want to talk to you.


p.s.  Isn’t that little doohickey from Milbloggers.com just cool????