Call to Action : Marine Lance CPL Preach

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 I received this story from Jessica in San Antonio, TX. Let’s show Kevin how much his country honors his service and sacrifice.

Ten days ago, on Jan. 24, the Humvee in which Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin Preach (age 21) was a gunner was hit by an improvised explosive device and he was badly injured. He was transported to a medical site in Germany for surgery. He was stabilized and transferred to Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, where he remains in a medically induced coma. “He is very seriously injured,” his mother said from the Texas medical complex. “He’s lost his legs. He’s lost a hand. He’s seriously burned. He’s very burned. It’s not even day-to-day, it’s really hour-to-hour.”

Kevin cannot receive anything inside his sterile room, but his mom will read him cards and letters that are mailed to him. Cards and letters can be sent to: Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin T. Preach, 3857 Roger Brook Drive, Room 4 South, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234.

If you would like to help Kevin in other ways, let me know or go sign up to be a team member at Help A ServiceMember


Can you help out??

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Happy Monday All! PZ Techmama here… I saw this on Facebook and I thought I’d pass it along. I’ll also be posting it over at HASMO

Soldiers’ Angels is calling all Mary Kay Beauty Consultants

Selected independent Mary Kay distributors have teamed up with Soldiers’ Angels to get our troops the skin protection they need. Some distributors donate a duplicate of each product sold, while others give a percentage of their profits. Check with your Mary Kay distributor to see if she is participating in this project!

The Tax ID# for Soldiers’ Angels (so you can claim the donation) is 20-0583415. The donated sets are being sent directly from Mary Kay Cosmetics to Soldiers’ Angels, who will then distribute it to the soldiers.

Mary Kay items for our male and female troops are needed:

  • After Shave
  • Facial Cleansing Bar
  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Body Cleansing Gels
  • Body Lotions
  • Sunburn Soothing Gel
  • Facial Cleansing Cloths (Dry-just add water)
  • Lip Balm
  • Acne Treatment
  • Gel Energizing Lotion for Feet and Legs
  • Satin Hands Treatment for Dry cracked hands
  • Black waterproof mascara
  • Nail polish

Any makeup you have to donate is also now being accepted as well. We are putting these into our Female Vet packs that are being distributed to the VA hospitals.

If you are a consultant that wants to get involved, please send your product to one of the following warehouses

If west of the Mississippi, ship to:
Soldiers’ Angels
914 Tourmaline Dr
Newbury Park, CA 91320

If east of the Mississippi, ship to:

Soldiers’ Angels
112 Greenhill Rd.
Ramseur, NC 27316

Thanks to the generosity of Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants from all over the United States who have donated product to Soldiers’ Angels, now has Pretty in Pink kits available for $29 (which includes shipping).

Each kit contains at least seven Mary Kay products, plus 10 feminine wipes, 10 women’s deodorant towelettes, two boxes of tampons, and a mini fingernail file and clipper.

Soldiers’ Angels understands that females are instrumental in the current war, and makes special efforts to support them. “Our female warfighters are so strong and courageous, and we’re so grateful for their service,” says Patti Patton-Bader, founder of Soldiers’ Angels. “We’re excited to be able to show them some extra love and help them remember that they’re still ladies.” With this in mind, the Pretty in Pink kit provides female service members with health and hygiene products, and items for a few pampering moments to allow ladies to rejuvenate and ‘be good to themselves.’

Pretty in Pink kits must be sent to an APO/FPO (no residential addresses). They can be sent to a specific soldier, or supporters can request their purchased kit be sent to “Any (Female) Soldier” anonymously or in the supporter’s name.

Well, what are you waiting for? It is time to pamper a deployed service member-

While we rush around – Remember Rob Yllescas

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You all may remember that our own TechMama Tammy has started another site to help coordinate and organize those who want to contribute or help the wounded or those in need of assistance.  She has been following Dena Yllescas blog while her husband, Captain Rob Yllescas fought to recover from his very severe wounds.

Tammy called me from “on the road” in Colorado yesterday with the very sad news that Rob lost that final battle.  While we prepare for family and search for that perfect gift, please take a minute and remember this family, who are starting on a very long and hard journey.  Dena is a strong woman, of deep faith and love – and I hope it will help her to know that she has the love and support of all the readers of ParentsZone.


Update on PFC Hunter Levine

Well I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who emailed/commented over the last 24 hours about PFC Levine. If I haven’t responded to you yet.. don’t worry I will tonight/tomorrow. There has been an outpouring of support so we are trying to filter it all and get Hunter what he needs. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at

I am currently working with the executor of Hunter’s foundation to get a list of what Hunter may need and to setup a fundraiser for him.

Also we’re working on setting up a email list of rapid responders when we hear of things like this if you’d like to be included, please sign up at (left side of page)

To read Hunter’s story click here

I received this email from Julie  with BlueStarMoms who visited with Hunter on Saturday .. so I wanted to pass it along..

Well, we already went today and just got back actually but we wouldn’t mind going again.  When I say we, I took my daughter-in-law and granddaughters too.  One of the staff did go in ahead and asked Hunter if he minded us coming in.  That was Hunters request to be notified ahead of time.

I figured that if he did not want visitors today that we would just leave what we had brought for him there for him to have and I understood his request. He let us come in because I told the nurse about my son serving in Iraq.  That seemed to make Hunter feel better.

We just stopped in for a minute and took a card, a box of See’s lollipops, some other candy and a small fimo clay frog wind chime. (FROG=Freely Rely On God) That made him sorta laugh, the wind chime. He said he didn’t know where to put it so we suggested over the a/c unit or hang it on the window that way he could know if the a/c was working or not.

I figured that he could use the practice in getting his other senses a little sharper while his eyesight was getting some work. The room was pretty warm though, and there was a soldier visiting him as well so I didn’t want to take up too much of his time.  I will call Stephanie later this week and see if he wouldn’t mind having us visit again, without the girls though. I would love to have you come with or meet me there.  I have a map now and it is pretty easy to get to.

He has a DVD player and an i-pod and told me he has all the music he needs, he is still pretty angry inside.  I know that later in life he will look back and think about us going there, it will be just a random thought but I hope it will be a good one.

Also, my granddaughters class is going to make a mobile for his room, that should help him with some eye coordination exercises without him knowing that he is actually doing them.

I did see that he had the DVD Gladiator (great movie!) so he has some vision.  He also had a watch on with a magnifier on it.  Also, the lollipops will help with the muscles in his neck which will in turn help with the face restructuring.

In fact, I am thinking that getting some crossword puzzle books and other items like that as well as some cards for other soldiers who are there would be worthwhile.  There were a couple who had no visitors and looked like they could use someone to visit with.