What a week – and the Future Plans

As you have (hopefully) been reading, it’s been a week to remember. PZ was honoured to be a conduit for the news of Spc Hunter Levine, and he has been getting a lot of love, a lot of “stuff” and it has also spilled over from him to the others in the hospital, with a visit from Gary Sinise (link takes you to HH6’s report of the visit)  and also the beginning of a new service members related “list” – called HASMO which is a FREE service trying to connect service members with a need, to all those people out here who want to fill it.  Again, this is Free – no charge to anyone signing up either to give or to request.  We’ll have a link to HASMO on this page soon.

ParentsZone will now return to our regular programming – with a few differences! We have a new mom ready to post, and as you have seen on the side (left side) we are slowly doing some more construction here.  When the dust settles, we hope to have a site that is useful, handy and what YOU the families need.

In that vein – we’d like to ask for your help in the construction.  If you have a site that has helped you cope, that answered a questions, filled a need or just helped you figure out how to negotiate this life as a military mom, dad, brother, sister… we’d like to know about it.  ONE CAVEAT – it has to be free.  No “registration” fees, no “administration” fees.   If it’s political/religious/sponsored – we’ll link to it, but remember, we don’t endorse anything.  We just provide the link.  So please, if you have such a site, and don’t want to comment on this site, just email LAW at parentszone at gmail.com.

As the signs say “pardon our dust while we make it better for you”.   We’ll keep adding new posts while we build – so you can ignore the dust!