Operation Purple – NMFA Free Camp

March 24, 2009 · Filed Under Deployment, National Guard Parents · 1 Comment 

As summer approaches, some of us will  have either kids or grandkids who need something to do!  How about a weeklong  overnight camp for military kids ages 7-17..  and it’s FREE!  Look at this –

Since Operation Purple camp’s implementation, the National Military Family Association has sent more than 20,000 military kids to camp for free. In 2009, Operation Purple will host nearly 90 weeks of camp held in 62 locations in 37 states and territories. Camps are free to all participants thanks to support from the Sierra Club and The Sierra Club Foundation.

Registration is here. These camps are for the youngest heroes in the military family, the kids. So if you have grandchildren who you think would enjoy it, take a look, let their parents know it’s there.  I know that this was a great program for the National Guard kids during our last deployment with the Guard, the kids got to hang out with other children who’s parent was deployed, who understood what that felt like.