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The Roundtable phone call yesterday : by now everyone should have received an email with your own case number, this is for you to “track” the status of your case online. They are working on the program to get an online tracking capability.

The deficiency notices aren’t saying you are NOT qualified. They need to check the records YOU sent, against what they have in PERRMS. That’s going to take some time. There may be a difference in dates, there are a few that don’t jibe with the Social Security Numbers that are on the list, and those are being worked on. Wounded servicemembers’ cases are being handled first. Those who were KIA are not in this program, they are or were handled separately.

There are thousands and thousands of files to go through. The number we heard on the call, was 16,000! so far, they know that 10,000 were eligible.

If you didn’t have your Dash4, only had your DD214, or an LES, they will find the rest of your documentation, again, this is going to take time. That’s a hard thing to hear, I know. But they are working as fast and as accurately as they can, according to Maj. Whitley

Anyone who sent in hardcopy by mail, those have to be scanned in, and since there were hundreds of them, expect even more delay.

Maj. Whitley explained this as well: If you went past your ETS, you were stop lossed and are eligible. IF you were IRR and were recalled, you are NOT.

Major Whitley wanted to make this really really clear. They are NOT in the business of saving the DoD money. This is money that is earmarked for YOU, won’t go into DoD’s pockets if its not sent out by a certain date.

ParentsZone will keep checking on the progress of this program. When we hear something, we’ll make sure you do too.


Stop Loss Pay – give me your input!!!!

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I will be on the phone for this: so let me know what you want me to ask

Maj. Roy Whitley, the Army’s Project Manager for Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay, will provide a status update on the Army’s first month of processing claims for this new benefit. The Department of Defense introduced Retroactive Stop Loss Special Pay last month when it announced that service members, veterans and survivors are eligible to receive $500 for every month they served under Stop Loss between September 11, 2001 and September 30, 2008. Maj. Whitley will explain the Army’s system for processing the estimated 120,000 eligible claims, as well as answer questions about receiving the pay.

LET ME KNOW YOUR QUESTIONS! I’ll be definitely asking about lack of responsiveness, how to check on the status, any deadlines (or lack thereof).