Veterans – have parents too. Updated.

Those of us who have had our child leave the military after serving, either in a war zone or not, are now VetParents.  And Parents Zone is here for us too.  I’ve been watching, with a great deal of pride, my own son and daughter in law navigate the difficult waters called “The VA” and persevere.  I watched them both go through the frustration of medical and psychological evaluations and the appeals process.  I’m watching them heal, watching my son take classes and work full time and take care of their adorable daughter, watching my daughter in law work full time and then some, take care of said wonderful child, while they both deal with their deployments and what they brought back with them.

Some Soldier’s Mom, in her previous post, listed a group of websites to assist Vets.  I’d like to add to that, and I’m asking you for help.  If you know a site, an organization, a group, that helps Vets, list them here.  We’ll set up a page for them as well (right, Tech Mama??)

The American Veteran video site

IAVA Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

American Women Veterans ( this is a FaceBook based group)


Update: March 2013

A lot of attention lately has been focused on the health and adjustment process faced by vets returning for the last time from deployments in the Middle East. Not much time has been spent considering the way in which parents have to cross this hurdle. Many will tell our staff at PZ that the dread leading up to a deployment is the hardest part of the process, but the period in which we are needed most is oftentimes the return. Family play an enormous role in easing the homecoming experience of a soldier, and we need to be both supportive and open minded. A pervasive reluctance to seek support for PTSD and other psychological problems can hinder the recovery of a loved one. We encourage readers to be open and frank in the interest of their families, including if necessary, the willingness to broach difficult subjects such as wellbeing.


Welcome Back Veterans Video Thanks

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I know you’ll be celebrating Veteran’s Day this Thursday. But if you are looking for an extra way to honor our Veterans, this might be up your alley.

Major League Baseball and Welcome Back Veterans are asking people to share their message of thanks to American veterans:

They will be displaying many of the messages on the Welcome Back Veterans website, and making sure all of them are sent to Veterans themselves — to show them how much we all stand behind them.

Hope you can take a second to take a look and join the movement.

Poll participation-research

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I am conducting a 1 question poll [about the Veterans History Project] requiring only a yes or no answer. This is for research purposes only (not to drive traffic to my blog).   Link-click here. [] Poll is at the very top-side bar] Results will be by numerical count tally only (not by participant). If you have a moment to answer … I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


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A Military Family needs help

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For those of you who don’t listen to or read National Public Radio – this you NEED to read.  One of us, the mother of a soldier, needed help and got it because of the good work on USA Together .  Help us spread the word.   This will also be on HASMO, and I’m hoping we can get this sent through our community.

USA Together is a website that puts veterans in need together with those that can help. I wish, and I think we all wish, that it wasn’t necessary.  But it is… and for now, this is the best way we can help.